New from Smuttlabs for October 2018! Chupa Mexican StoutAppearance: This beer pours a rich dark brown with a healthy creamy head.Aroma: The aroma is an intoxicating mixture of cinnamon, vanilla, Baker’s chocolate, and a mild hint of spiciness.Taste: The very first sip is sweet, chocolate and vanilla forward. The taste moves quickly from sweet to a mild spiciness (from the ghost peppers) while never becoming full-blown spicy, allowing everyone to enjoy this unique flavor. The lactose creates an almost dessert-like quality to it, begging you to drink this beer before, during, and after your meal.**CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ONLY IN THESE STATES: NH, ME, MA AND RI**~Check back frequently for updates on market availability~ABV: 6.6% IBU: 24

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