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With colder weather, our thoughts turn to gathering around tables full of delicious food, great drinks, and desserts that make our eyes go wide. Plum Cinnamon brings us that very feeling with every sip. Lactic fermentation gives this beer a wonderful tart acidity, while the plum adds a ripe, juicy flavor. A healthy touch of cinnamon balances the sweet notes, giving you just the right amount of kick.

All Smuttynose Sour beers are kettle-soured, meaning these beers are safe for your draft lines without sacrificing any of the flavor! In addition, Smuttynose proudly uses 100% real ingredients – the cinnamon and plum flavors here come from real, honest-to-goodness plums and cinnamon. Now that’s something you can bring to any holiday party and brag about.Vital Stats:

Vital Stats:

Malts: North American 2 Row, White Wheat, CaraFoam, Flaked Wheat, Acidulated

Hops: Magnum

Yeast: German Weizen

Mojo: Plums, Cinnamon, Lactobacillus

UPC: 7 95563 72025 9

Package: 4-packs of 16oz. cans, On draft in 1/6 barrel kegs

5.2% ABV ~9 IBU

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