NEW HAMPSHIRE PALE ALE:From the tugboats of Portsmouth Harbor to the far north reaches of picturesque Connecticut Lake, New Hampshire is far more than a collection of rivers, mountains and forests – it’s a state of mind, a slice of heaven, a way of life. Rugged and beautiful, it inspires us to seize every day with both hands, hitting the pillow each night a little better than when we woke up. New Hampshire Pale Ale – a brand-new offering from Smuttynose Brewing Co. – is this mantra in liquid form. Artfully brewed at the intersection of distinct flavor and exceptional drinkability, it’s the beer we created for the lifestyle that we love – always thankful for what we have, always aspiring for more.VITAL STATS:5.3% ABV • 30 IBU Malts: 2 Row Silo Malt, White Wheat, CarapilsHops: Crystal, Saphir, Lemondrop, Hüll Melon Yeast: Chico UPC: 12oz can/6pk: 795563000016 Package: Available in 12oz. can 6 packs, as well as 1/6bbls and 1/2bbls.

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