Thai-Irish Red Ale with lemon grass, kaffir lime & ginger*available to start shipping June 3, 2019*If ever there was proof that opposites really do attract, it’s on full display with Siamese Gorilla: our limited-edition Thai-Irish Red Ale that boldly fuses citrus and sweetness into a tongue-bending arm-wrestle of subtle, yet complex flavors. Crack a can and bursts of exotic lemon and lime spices will attack your nostrils before diving in to a rich and balanced malty-sweet flavor.Fearless and brash, creamy and fluffy; it’s an angry, two-headed primate with the innocent heart of a teddy bear.Proceed with caution and be sure to grab this Siamese Gorilla firmly with both hands. But don’t worry – it won’t bite.Vital Stats:~5.5 ABV 20 IBUMalts: 2 Row Silo,Munich1, Crisp C-45, CaraRed, CarafaType 2Hops: Crystal Yeast: ChicoMojo: Lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and ginger2019 Universal UPC: 795563730081Available Packages: 16oz. Can 4 packs, 1/6 bbl and 1/2 bbl kegs

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